Welcome to RecoveryPlaces

How the Website has been developed

The cost to build the website has been met via two short term grants. The functional development of the site has been carried out by a small group of enthusiastic individuals on their own journey of recovery who wanted to give something back to the community.

Who is the Website for?

The need for this website came out of our own personal experiences of searching for peer led, community based support on the internet in our time of need. When we searched, we got the same results time and time again. Web searches are dominated by the large third sector organisations, statutory providers, national helplines and profit-making rehabs.

So, we decided to develop a free website for peer led organisations who provide a place to meet, have a coffee, to get involved in activities and connect to mutual aid.

The result is Recovery Places!

We have started the ball rolling by adding some of the recovery places we know about to show how it works. We invite you to claim your free listing or simply add your own place and literally put yourselves on the map.

Principles and guidelines for use

The recovery places website was developed for you. Our vision is for the peer led organisations to form a small committee to take over the running and policing of the site. However, we have some guiding principles.

Our interpretation of a peer led organisation is:

‘Peer led organisations are grass roots, localised movements started by passionate individuals who have come together and organised themselves to meet a particular need. They are based on a system of mutuality and reciprocity that builds social capital. Peer led organisations are founded on the key principles of respect, shared responsibility, and mutual agreement of what is helpful to an individual or a community. It is not necessarily based on psychiatric models, diagnostic criteria or commissioned service outcomes.
It is about understanding another’s situation empathically through shared experience of emotional and psychological pain’.

So here are the guidelines:


  • Listings submitted for commissioned third sector and statutory providers operating across multiple sites will not be approved. This site is for the small guys!


  • The site will not carry any logos or be sponsored by any of the regional/national provider agencies. You are welcome to add logos, services provided, web site addresses etc. in your listings (and we encourage you to do so – see the FAQ page for more on that).


  • We would invite Blogs and News from you to maximise the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) capacity and to get the great work that you do out there in the public domain.


  • We will adopt the “no opinion on outside issues” mantra as we want a place where we can celebrate recovery and encourage peer to peer networking, not a forum where commissioners and large provider agencies are criticised and abused. There are plenty of other forums for that.


  • RecoveryPlaces is currently for UK listings only. Any submissions from outside the UK will not be published live on the site. They will be held in the database should we decide to expand the reach of the site in the future.


  • This is just the start. We have some great ideas for new features, so we need you, the recovery community to get behind us and make it all worthwhile by adding the recovery places you know.


Add your recovery place now and help to help others find recovery!


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