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Burnley is a town in East Lancashire with a few challenges. Like many other northern towns, alcohol and other drug problems are common. There are the obvious signs, alcoholics and addicts begging and unhealthy looking people smoking outside the town centre pubs. But, there is another side to Burnley. It has a thriving recovery community. There are regular meetings of AA, NA and Al Anon. Some of these meetings can be much busier than similar meetings in much bigger towns and cities. The meetings tend to have a strong literature based approach and there are many people working the 12 steps in their daily lives. Newcomers can get a sponsor and be working the steps within hours or days of their first meeting. There are lots of other ways to connect, be active, keep learning, take notice and give. Everything you need to recover from a substance use disorder is here in Burnley. Inspire (part of CGL) is supportive of all local recovery activities and can provide the things we cannot provide for ourselves such as detoxification and maintenance medications, Needle and Syringe Programmes and testing for and treatment of Blood Borne Viruses like Hepatitis C. Calico, ACORN and Emerging Futures all have a presence in the town and are supportive of our recovery community.

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