User Accounts

An account is created when you submit your first RecoveryPlace listing (Place, Event or Post) or attempt to Claim (coming soon) an existing listing. You will simply be asked to create a user name and provide an email address.

An email will be sent to the account you provided with a verification link.

Click (or copy/paste into your browser) the link provided.

You will be taken to the reset password screen where you can set your own password, or use the one suggested (see example screenshot below).

Make sure you take a note of your password before pressing the Reset Password button.  

*It is your responsibility to set a strong password so others cannot gain entry to your listing(s) and edit / delete the details.

*You may change your password (once logged in) via the account details tab of the My Account Dashboard.

The Sign in menu will toggle between Sign in and your User Name depending on your current status.

To sign in, simply click the Sign In link and enter your Username and your password.

Alternatively, if you have linked a social media account (Facebook or Google+), select the appropriate icon to sign in with.

To Log out, either use the Logout menu link under your account name or via the My Account main dashboard screen.  You may be asked to confirm you wish to log out.

You may register on the site using a Facebook or Google+ social media profile, allowing you to simply click an icon to login with your social media account. RecoveryPlaces will not have access to your social media accounts, but you will need to grant access for us to authenticate the account through the social media platform.  Note: We will be looking at other social platforms options in the future.

Once you have logged in to RecoveryPlaces, the Sign in link will change to display your User Name (and profile image if you have used a social media account to login) with a dropdown menu containing the following options:

My Account – Opens the My Account page for easier viewing with a welcome message.

My Listings – Simply a list of all the listings you have submitted. From this view you can see if your listing is awaiting approval (pending). Once approved, you will have the option to Edit or Delete it. Clicking the title of your listing will take you to the listing.

Bookmarks – Each listing has a bookmark icon. You may bookmark any listing you like. Bookmarks are also useful if you have a number of listings and wish to filter out those you update on a regular basis.

Orders – all the RecoveryPlaces listings you have submitted, and their status; processing (submitted) or completed (approved) will be shown here. If you need to talk to admin about your order, you will find the order number and details by clicking the Order# or the View button. You will also find any notes about your order sent by the Administrator (a copy is also sent via email).

Downloads – Something for the future perhaps. If you wish to offer downloadable content via your listing, such as recovery artwork as an example or a book you have written, please contact the administrator. We will be looking at many new features should the site take off.

Addresses –the ‘Billing’ and ‘shipping’ address associated with your account. This is used to authenticate your submissions and claims (future enhancement). It is not used for any other purpose. This is in place so the site has the option to add functionality to take payments in the future. (see Misc. section below)

Account details – edit your name, email address and change your password.

Logout – Used to Logout from the site. You will be asked to Confirm you wish to do so.

Adding/Managing recovery LISTINGS

You may add a new listing via the Add Listing button.

Currently you may add:

  • A Recovery Place listing or
  • A Recovery Event listing or
  • A Recovery Post listing.

(see also: Linking listings to a Parent listing)

After you select which type of listing you wish to add you will be asked how much you wish to pay (Choose a Package).  Please select the FREE listing. You only need spend time here.

You will then be presented with the relevant form for your listing.

Complete the form in as much detail as you like. The more information you provide, the better your page will look and the more chance you have of it being indexed by search engines. 

At the bottom of the form, hit the Submit Recovery Listing button. 

You will be required to complete an “order” form. This helps us to monitor new listings and to help you should you need help.  We do not require any credit cards details. The site is free.  Your new listing will be sent for approval.

At the bottom of the PLACES listings there are fields to really bring your listing to life.  This does require a little patience and we suggest doing this on a Desktop or Laptop computer.

Facebook Page Feed

In order for RecoveryPlaces to show what’s going on on your Facebook Page, you will need to provide the Facebook ID for your page.

To access your Facebook’s Page ID:

  • Open your Facebook Page (must be logged in as page owner)
  • Click the About menu
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the Page Info section.
  • Next to the Facebook Page ID, you can find your page ID number.

Copy and paste into the relevant field.

Contact Via FB Messenger

Not everyone allows visitors to contact their page via messenger, and some page owners are worse than others for responding.  If you wish people to contact your page via Facebook Messenger, simply enter your Facebook Page ID again.  If left blank, the contact button will not be displayed.

Twitter Feed

Your Twitter Screen Name is your name WITHOUT the @
You can tweet us @recoveryplaces, so our Screen Name is recoveryplaces.

Instagram Feed

The Instagram Feed has been removed from Place Listings due to the withdrawal of the Instagram API.  We hope one day, they will re-introduce this feature.

Google Street View

In order to present users with a Google Street View on your Places listing, you will need to get the corresponding URL from Street View.

Here’s how we found the The Basement Project in Halifax. 

  1. Go to Google Maps
  2. Enter your Recovery Place address and zoom in so you can see individual roads.
  3. Drag the yellow person on to your street.
  4. Move around the display until you have your place in view
  5. In the top left corner of the screen click the 3 dots next to the map pin icon and choose “Share or embed image” :
  6. Select the Embed image tab and copy the long line of code.
  7. Paste this code into a text editor and highlight the first part you see within quotation marks.  Do not copy the quotes. (You may copy this directly into the recovery places field if you are confident at stripping out the unwanted info.
  8. This is the code you need for your Google Street view. Paste it into the field in your RecoveryPlaces Place listing.

All listings are submitted to the site admin for approval.

You will receive a confirmation email to say your order has been received and it is being processed.

Once approved by the site administrator it will be available for everyone to view on the site.

You will receive an email confirming the approval. You will now be able to manage and edit your new listing at any time through the My Listings menu under your account.

Once you have Signed in to RecoveryPlaces, the Sign in menu will be replaced with your Account menu. It will display your User Name (and profile image if you have used a social media account to login) with a dropdown. Select the My Listings Menu Item.

The My Listings tab displays a list of all your RecoveryPlaces Listings, showing Listing Type, Date Posted, and an expiry date (used for Events or when there is knowledge of a place closing) and an Edit and Delete option. All your listings are free to edit, and we encourage you to do so to keep them up to date. If your listings is no longer valid, you may delete it.

There is no limit on the number of RecoveryPlaces listings you can add. Once you have submitted your first listing, just click the Add Listing button again and add your next Recovery Place, Event or Post.

*Please search the site first to avoid duplication.

You can Edit Listings under the My Listings menu found on the dropdown under your user name (must be logged in).

See Manage Your Listings section above.

You can Delete Listings under the My Listings tab found under your user account menu (must be logged in).

See Manage your places section above.

The following is a current list of all the service tags.  Tags are used to further narrow a search:


Alcohol Related. Services that can help with alcohol related issues.

Coaching. Offers recovery, family and community coaching.

Counselling. Offers counselling or one-to-one services.

Detox Related.  Services, help, advice or routes into detox. This could be in-patient, residential or home detox. It could also be recovery programmes that prepare for detox.

Drugs Related. Services that can help with drug related issues.

ETEV. Helps with Education, Training, Employment and Volunteering

Family Support. Services for supporting family members, significant others and loved ones.

Female Specific. Services or support groups specifically for women only. This does not necessarily the overall service is a women only service.

Food & Drink Served. Places that serve food or refreshments. May include breakfast clubs or places where you can meet for coffee.

– Gambling Related. Services that can help address issues around gambling.

Homelessness. Services specifically to help with homelessness issues.

Hosts Mutual Aid. Places where Mutual Aid meetings take place.

Housing Support. Services to support you with housing issues. These may include abstinence based housing or residential therapeutic communities.

Keep Fit Activities. Places that run, organise or host keep fit activities.

Male Specific. Services or support groups specifically for males only. This does not necessarily the overall service is a male only service.

Meeting Place. A general place for meeting others in recovery.

Miscellaneous. Other services on offer that are not included in this list.

Offenders / Prison. Services specifically designed to support prison leavers, ex-offenders, in prison etc.

Online. Services that offer online support or are online only. e.g. Support via Skype, Facebook Groups, Online Meeting Places etc.

Other Addictions.  Help with addictions other than those listed (alcohol, drugs, gambling, SLA)

Outdoor Activity. Helps with running, organising or hosting outdoor activities such as walking, fishing etc.

Peer Mentoring. Peer Mentoring within services.

Signposting. Helps to signpost to other services you may need along your recovery journey.

SLA Related. Offers help for Sex and Love Addiction.

Social Activity. Runs, organises or hosts social activities.

Support Groups. Runs or hosts support groups (other than Mutual Aid)

The Arts. Services for creativity such as dance, theatre, creative writing, film, music etc.

Young People.  Services that are aimed at young people.


Family Inclusive. Events for the whole family, friends and loved ones.

Free. Events that are free to attend.

Indoor. Events that take place indoor.

Mutual Aid. Mutual aid support events (not specific to fellowship).

Not Physical. Events that do not require any physical activity.

Outdoor. Events that take place outdoors e.g walking, gardening, cycling, sight seeing, concert, street party etc.

Physical. Events that require physical activity.


The Post tags are self explanatory. If your Post listing (Blog, News, Announcement) has anything to do with the following tags just select them so your post can be found in tag searches.



addiction recovery

addiction treatment



Alcoholics Anonymous







mutual aid

Narcotics Anonymous

opioid addiction


peer support



recovery management

recovery pathways

recovery support



SMART Recovery





Logo – 120*120px or 240*240px for 4k display

Cover Image – 16:9 aspect ratio (1280x720px or 1920 x 1080 for high quality)

Gallery Images – Gallery images will be displayed with the ratio uploaded once the image is clicked.  However, depending on which gallery style we use (currently Large image top, smaller images below), they maybe cropped.  Using the Cover image sizes would be ideal but not necessary.

Try to limit image size to <100kb

Claiming a places Listing

The site has been pre-populated with over 100 places. We don’t know them all, hence, one of the reasons for building recoveryplaces.org so please add yours in the usual way – See Adding / Managing Listings section above.

If one of these pre-populated places is yours, you may claim it as yours so you can manage it yourself.

By claiming a listing and once authorised, you will receive a Claim badge and you’ll be able to edit all the information AND, when posting events and regular posts, you can link them to your main listing place.

To claim a listing (when logged in), simply Click the Claim Listing button on the Place Profile page and follow the instructions. If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to login or create an account.

Adding a blog, news or announcement (post)

Adding a blog article, news item or an announcement is exactly the same process as adding a recovery listing – we do this using the Post listing type. See ADDING/MANAGING RECOVERY LISTINGS section above. 

If you are already a registered user (signed in) and you have a recovery place listing, you can (and should) link your Post to your Place by selecting it via the parent listing dropdown list. Here you can select which Place to link it to from all the places you have submitted (and are approved).

Your Post listings will then have a link to your main Place listing page as well as being shown on the Posts tab of your listing page.

Adding aN EVENT

Adding an event is exactly the same process as adding a recovery listing – see ADDING/MANAGING RECOVERY LISTINGS section above. 

If you are already a registered user (signed in) and you have a recovery place listing, you can (and should) link your event to your place by selecting it via the parent listing dropdown. Here you can select which place to link it to from all the places you have submitted (and have been approved).

Your event listings will then show “Hosted by [parent listing] and will link to your main listing page. In addition your event(s) will be shown on the Events Tab of the main parent listing page.

Searching THE SITE

The ‘Type your search…’ search field at the top of the page is a quick and broad search across key fields contained within the RecoveryPlaces website. It will also display a number of Featured searches, for example quick links to show listings by category.

Once you start typing, you will immediately see some suggestions.

If you are searching for The Well, the site will return all listings where the words the and well appear in the same listing. Results will also display listings where the word you use is also contained within another word e.g. the words you enter may also be contained as part of a longer word.

For example, searching The Well, may also return listings that had the word Therapeutic and Wellness.

If you wanted to narrow your search, enter the word(s) in quotes, e.g. “The Well”

By Listing Type:

There are currently three types of Listing; Places, Events and Posts. We may add other types in the future (possibly Jobs)

You can quickly display listings by Type by selecting the appropriate Listing type tab under the Find Recovery heading on the left of the screen. The default type is Places.

By Category:

You may also use the Categories section within the left-hand section of the screen to show all listings by a specific category. There will be 4 main categories on launch of the site for Places (we may add more later);


  • Recovery Place
  • Recovery Hub
  • Café
  • Dry Bar. 


  • Social
  • Sporty
  • Walk
  • National
  • Regional
  • Local
  • Theatre
  • Art
  • Comedy
  • Conference
  • Music


  • Blogs
  • Announcements
  • News

If you have any suggestions for new categories, please get in touch. Note* The Posts may not feature on the main page due to them not having an address. Use the main menu to access Posts.

See next section on using Filter.

You will find the Filter search in the middle of the left side section of the main screen. The filter will allow you to narrow your search further:

By Keyword…

The ‘By Keyword…’ within the Filter section is similar to the ‘Type your search… as you start typing, you will immediately see results within the view on screen.

If you are searching for The Well, the site will return all listings where the words the and well appear in the same listing. Results will also display listings where the word you use is also contained within another word e.g. the words you enter may also be contained as part of a longer word.

For example, searching The Well, may also return listings that have the word Therapeutic and Wellness.

If you wanted to narrow your search, enter the word(s) in quotes, e.g. “The Well”

By Location…

The ‘By Location…’ search. Once you start typing in the ‘By Location…’ field, the site will Auto Suggest a geographical location. The more you search, the narrower the suggestion list. You may also enable the Geo Locate function by pressing the icon to the right of the field. (You must have Location enabled on Mobile devices or give browser permissions to obtain a rough idea of where you are based on your IP address).

You can narrow or expand the search radius by dragging the proximity bar.

By Category

You can search by Category either by clicking in the ‘Type your search’ at the top of the page or within the Filter section of Find Recovery

By Service Type or Tags

You can narrow your search by ticking one of the Service Type (for Places) or Tags (Events and Posts) checkboxes.

Ticking another checkbox will narrow your search further. E.g. If you ticked Alcohol Related and Drugs Related, the search would only show Listings that offered both services. 

See also section above “Tag Descriptions” for a complete list of all available tags.

By Region (places only)

The Region Search has been introduced to help those places that do not have an address to still show in the search results. On creating a new listing, the listing owner is asked to specify in which Region they reside. All listings should have a region. Some will be shown on the map, some may not.

By Date (Events only)

You can specify a date range (From… and To…) to show events taking place between two dates.

There are a number of reasons your Recovery Place may not be shown:

  • The listing has not yet been approved by the Administrator
  • If the listing does not have an address it will only be shown on the listing cards view (as long as you have not used the location search).
  • The listing is outside the current selected proximity slider
  • You may be trying to filter within a current filter
  • If you are having trouble finding a place or event, go back to the home page and enter a location, then widen the proximity.
  • You may be trying to search for a place with the active listing type as Events or Posts, or visa versa.
  • Perhaps your Recovery Place is not yet on the site. Please feel free to add it.


We have thought long and hard about the structure of RecoveryPlaces.org. Implementing an order process caters for many needs, both now and into the future.

It allows us (and you) to see and track the status of your listing submission. It allows the status to be communicated via email notification. Therefore we do not need to manually sign in to check the site for new submissions and we can act immediately on receiving an email notification. You also receive email notifications that your listing has been received and another on approval/rejection.

The listing submission process is built around an online shop. You are basically purchasing a listing for £0.00. By implementing shopping functionality at launch, it makes it easier to cater for future requirements. For example, selling tickets to an event, contributing to the site by means of sponsoring your listings to rank higher than others or selling products (t-shirts, books, electronic materials such as video or art etc) via your listing page. The options are there should the community wish to implement them.

The need for this website came out of our own personal experiences of searching for peer led, community based support on the internet in our time of need. When we searched, we got the same results time and time again. Web searches are dominated by the large third sector organisations, statutory providers, national helplines and profit-making rehabs. Trying yet another search ended in the same results. We could either accept this or have some courage to change things. 

RecoveryPlaces has been built for organisations and community projects that are run by the local community. 

It’s now time to let go and hand it over. It’s your website. It’s for you. Please help others to find peer-to-peer recovery support. It will only work if you work it!  Please add your places, events, news, announcements etc.

A committee of dedicated individuals are behind the project. We have established a Community Interest Company (CIC) to help support the project and be as transparent as we can be. 

If you would like to get involved and help support this project, please do not hesitate to contact us.